Grand Meyer® GM-119

Programmable temperature controller for underfloor heating control. Possibility of manual control and program installation of 6 modes for each day of the week. Possibility to set a weekly period of 5+2/6+1/7 days. Memory settings when power off. Built-in air temperature sensor and remote NTC sensor 3 m long. Maximum load up to 16A. It has 2 body colors: white and ivory. The temperature controller GM-119 can be installed in a decorative frame of the Legrand Valena series. The thermostat is designed for hidden (recessed) mounting in the socket of the mounting box.

Power supply
~230V (-15%, +10%), 50Hz
Switched current/power
16 A / 3.6 kW
Power consumed by the regulator with the load switched off, no more
1.5 W
Regulatory principle
On / Off
Output relay
Operating temperature
from -5⁰С to +50⁰С
Temperature sensors
Built-in and external
Temperature control limits (factory)
from -5⁰С to +35⁰С (both sensors, air sensor)
Temperature control limits
from +5⁰С to +70⁰С (floor sensor)
Temperature drop that activates the heating element (hysteresis)
Sensor resistance
10kOhm at +25⁰С
Sensor connecting cable length
3 m
Frost protection function
Programming mode
5+2 / 6+1 / 7 days
Body material
Self-extinguishing PVC
Degree of protection
Assembly dimensions
80 (H) x 80 (W) x 44 (D) mm
Body color
White or ivory
120 g
3 years

Simplicity and comfort

The push-button programmable thermostat has the ability to manually control and programmatically set 6 modes for each day of the week.

Button control

Датчик температуры​

Комплектуется датчиком температуры (NTC, 10кОм, длина провода 3м), который устанавливается в полу между витками нагревательного кабеля. 

Mains earth conductor

External terminal contact

Heating cable


Temperature sensor

The thermostat is completed with a temperature sensor (NTC, 10 kOhm, wire length 3 m), which is installed in the floor between the turns of the heating cable. 

Decorative frame

The thermostat can be installed in a decorative frame of the Legrand Valena series.