Grand Meyer® PHC-16

Parallel type self-regulating heating cable for freeze protection and underfloor heating. Used for maintenance of pipelines and tanks that are not subjected to steaming, comfort floor heating, radiant space heating, freezer frost heave prevention. Can be used to install inside the pipeline using pipe coupling.

Conductor made of tin-plated copper wires with a cross section of 0.5 mm²

Semiconductive self-adjusting matrix

Internal insulation layer made of modified polyolefin

Wire shield (max. resistance ≤18.2 ohm/km)

Outer shell made of modified polyolefin

The Grand Meyer self-regulating heating cable type PHC-16 is an oval electric heater with parallel conductors. A semi-conductive self-adjusting matrix is applied to tin-plated copper bars (0.5mm²) consisting of a large number of stranded wires. The heat-releasing element of the heating cable is the matrix itself, which changes the heat release depending on the ambient temperature.

The modified polyolefin internal insulation layer applied to the fuel matrix provides dielectric resistance, moisture resistance, impact and abrasion resistance, and chemical protection to the fuel matrix.

The cable is protected by a wire screen, which provides mechanical protection for the fuel matrix and ensures reliable grounding along the entire length of the cable.

The modified polyolefin outer insulation is chemically resistant, allowing the heating cable to be used in humid or corrosive environments.

Pipeline heating – used to prevent icing in pipelines. The cable is placed on the pipeline with aluminum adhesive tape and covered by pipe isolation.  Can be used to install into pipeline using HCF coupling.

Roof & Gutter defrost – used to prevent icing on gutters and roofs. . The cable is placed on open areas such as roof and gutter. There are many ways to fix cable on roof, depending on it’s type. For more information please contact our project dept.

Floor heating — used for heating tile, stone and marble floors in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, lobbies. As well can be used as heat-loss replacement in cold spaces, such as garages, loading docs, balconies and other. The cable is typically maintain into thick mortar or concrete.

Radiant space heating — used as primary space heating for rooms with concrete floors. The cable is typically maintain into thick mortar or concrete.

Freezer frost heave prevention — used to prevents heaving in soils under freezers, refrigerated warehouses, and any type of cold rooms. The cable is placed in the subflooring or in conduit buried in soil.

Other ways to use self-regulating heating cable – Cable can be used for tanks that are not subjected of steaming, fire protection systems, systems for supplying technical fluids, condensate return lines, soil heating and others. For more information please contact our project dept.


Operating principle

Parallel conductors provide voltage along the entire length of the heating cable, the semi-conductive matrix is ​​a continuous heating element. This design allows you to cut the cable anywhere, excluding the appearance of cold zones. The heating cable acquires self-regulating properties due to the properties of the conductive matrix. As the temperature of the matrix material increases, depending on the ambient temperature and the heat dissipation of the cable, the number of local conductive bonds in the matrix decreases, automatically reducing heat dissipation. As the temperature decreases, the number of local conductive bonds increases, leading to an increase in heat generation. This happens at every point along the length of the cable, so the power output depends on the environmental conditions along the length of the heated pipe. The ability of self-regulation eliminates the risk of overheating or burnout of the cable when it crosses itself or when the cable passes through the thermal insulation layer.


Applications for this product are as follows: roof and gutter frost protection, pipeline frost protection, temperature maintenance for industrial and domestic pipelines, tanks, fire protection systems, systems for supplying technical fluids, water, condensate return lines, comfort floor heating, radiant space heating, freezer frost heave prevention. The cable can be installed inside the pipe using the Grand Meyer TTK-1 cable entry kit. To connect the power supply, connect and terminate the cable, the Grand Meyer TTK-16 termination and termination kit is used.
Heat release power under normalized conditions at +10⁰С
Maximum allowable temperature without load (1000 hours total)
Maximum allowable temperature without load (1000 hours total)
Minimum mounting temperature
Power supply
~220-240V (~110V-120V on request)
Minimum bend radius
The maximum resistance of the protective braid (screen) is not more than
18.2 ohm/km
Nominal size
8.5 x 5.5mm

Temperature characteristics

Rated heat dissipation under standardized conditions for cable PHC-16 with operating voltage ~220V.

Linear power, W/m

Pipe temperature, ⁰С

Maximum length of the heating section, m

(or the total length of a section of the same brand connected in parallel) depending on the type of circuit breaker.


For use with type C circuit breakers according to IEC 60898-1:2003.

* At the moment when the heating cable is turned on, a current jump occurs (starting current). Within ≈300 seconds after switching on, the current value stabilizes. The maximum starting current can be 4-5 times the rated current for which the circuit breaker is designed.

Certification Details

European CE conformity certificate. Directive 2014/35/EU. Standards IEC 60800: 2009, EN 60335-1:2012/A11:2014, EN 60335-2-96:2002/A1:2004/A2: 2009, EN 62233:2008/AC:2008.

 Certificate of conformity of the Eurasian Economic Union No. EAEC RU C-LV.AD07.В.04877/22, series RU No. 0278431. Complies with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On the safety of equipment for operation in explosive environments” (TR CU 012/2011).


Component kits:

  • Set for cable entry into the pipe “Grand Meyer HCF”;
  • For power connection, connection and termination of the cable – a set for termination and connection termination “Grand Meyer TTK-25”.

To ensure trouble-free operation and comply with all safety standards and requirements, we recommend using original Grand Meyer components.